Saturday, 5 December 2015

Types of spa treatments for a complete rejuvenation

Tired of your hectic schedules at your workplace?

Not getting enough time to relax at home?

Are you completely exhausted?

If Yes, here is a list of spa treatments that you can try for a completely rejuvenating experience.

Swedish Massage            

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Swedish massage is the most common and best known type of massage. If it’s your first time at a spa or you do not get massage done often, Swedish massage turns out to be the best to begin with.

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What lies ahead of the Swedish massage experience is the deep tissue massage. If you can tolerate more pressure to get relief from the chronic muscle pain,deep tissue massage is apt for you!

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Aromatherapy uses plant materials and aromatic plant oils so as to alter your moods for psychological well being. It also includes essential oils and other aromatic compounds to heal your mental state.

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A hot stone massage is for a deeper muscle relaxation through the placement of smooth water-headed stones at the key points on your body.

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Thai massage is an ancient healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles and assisted yoga postures. A complete body stretching session for relaxation.

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A unique type of massage where the bamboo replaces the therapist’s hand, hot bamboo massage is often preferred for a deep and firm massage.

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Foot reflexology is a pressure point technique to focus on reflex joints to release the blocked energy channels. A perfect therapy for general wellness.

Friday, 20 November 2015

A memorable trip is all you want..Here is how!

Trips are meant for a little space off the routine work you do. Or it may even be a series of eventful nights and days to enjoy to the fullest. A trip could have any purpose that relieves one from stress and promises enjoyment throughout. This can vary from an individual to another.

However, the common agenda that all the trips share is how to make the trip a memorable one.

So here is what you must keep in mind to make a trip memorable one:

  1. When it’s an all alone planned trip, you surely don’t need a source of entertainment, but, when it comes to a group or a gang of people all geared up to go for a trip, many things can fall off the plan due to the difference in the nature of each individual. Hence, ensure whatever is planned, it has active participation from all the members of the group.

  2. The entire group might have different options attached to the trip. So, before you begin, bring all the aspects of each individual to the table and discuss.

  3. Once discussed, find the suitable solution to them and motivate your group members to cheer up for the trip.

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  4. Initially, the motivation point is often high and maintaining it throughout turns out to be a tough task. Hence, plan interactive activities and games that involves participation from all not only after reaching the destination, but also while the journey is on!

  5. Include not only indoors activities, but also outdoor sessions for the light hearted moments all the members can enjoy during the trip.

  6. Explore the interests of all the members as the trips are all about what’s new you discover within you and around you! So, let the learning be a part of the trip.

  7. Ensure you are carrying entertaining games for the group like UNO cards or may even create new games that kill the boredom in seconds.

  8. Last but not the least, capture visuals and pictures, be funny, be free, spread smiles, let fun be unlimited and share your stories that inspire, motivate and encourage others to pick trips like your group! 


That is all a trip needs to be a memorable one. Plan one today with your family and friends!!!

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Sometimes surprises are not important, Ambience matters!

“The moment I entered the resort, nothing surprised me!

But, there was a distinguished feeling of the moment when I have had all the freedom you ever wanted!

The entrance marked the first positive impression about the resort in my mind and the rest just followed!  I saw the swimming pool waiting for me to just dive into it and swim through the waves just as they drove across the entire pool.  After doing the formalities and freshening up, I came back to the pool to acquire my share of refreshing dips and then all I could do was to let my body float on the surface of water for as long as I could!

The time passed….

A few hours later, as I went on to get a spa treatment to rejuvenate my body & mind, I was stressed out a little. I moved further to the Spa section and all I remember post that is the free soul I came out with!

And we all know how badly the hunger strikes us after such a relaxing and relieving session! So I went ahead to the delicacies waiting for me! I cannot forget the ambience that sustained throughout in the unique conceptualized Turmeric restaurant they have! I can still feel the same around me as I write about it in this letter for you! 

Most importantly, the location of the resort is such heavenly that the only threat you have here is you might lose yourself in the midst of the scenic beauty and mesmerizing views of the resorts and its nearby location!

I recommend every person who needs some time alone and restore all the energy with positivity to visit this resort!”

Stay tuned for to hear more from us and our customers!  Till then, keep living, keep enjoying!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

“To feel good all you need is a company, a company of peace.”

We witness each day how people from diverse parts of the state and across the nation visit us for different purposes. However, recently we came across a feedback from one of our visitors who seem to be extremely happy to have spent her time at the E & G Green Valley Spa Resorts.

So, we thought why not let our dear readers read what she had to share with us!

Here is what  she had to say about her experience at the E & G Green Valley Spa Resorts!

“In each of our lives, there comes a time when not everything is going smooth or as we wished things would take place and this is the time when the most chaotic series of events take place in our lives, some caused due to the demand of the situation itself while some our anger adds to the whole scenario. Such is the time when all you need is the peace of mind that seems to be miles away from where your mindset exists at that time.

I too came across this point in my life recently. It was a tough time to deal with. Like anybody else, I too, was very uncomfortable and worried at the same time and just wanted to escape into some place where I didn’t know anyone and nobody knew me.

So, what did I do?

I just stopped! Everything that was happening around me, I stopped thinking about anything but, a place to be by myself! All alone at peace!  Then, I came across the E & G Green Valley Spa Resorts in Nashik. If you think I decided visiting this place at first , then you are mistaken. I went on to search for more resorts, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get a room there. Being the monsoons running, it is indeed difficult to find room in a city like Nashik that attracts thousands of tourists and visitors due to its pleasant climate and scenic beauty.

So, I had to come back to the option of E & G Green Valley Spa Resorts. Thankfully, after speaking to their customer services executive I could manage to book a room for myself. So, now I just had to pack my bags and leave my place ASAP. I did it.

Now, I was at my destination!”

Well! Her journey did not end here! But, don’t be disappointed, Stay tuned to know more!

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Things to do when in Nashik

What have you panned to do post reaching nashik, one of the most preferred holiday destinations?
Here is a list of 5 things you must not miss when in Nashik!

For the ones who have unconditional love for long drives and are fond of nature’s beauty, a long drive to the backwaters of the Gangapur Dam is a must visit.

To see what exactly the city life of Nashik looks like, driving through the College Road in Nashik and you can get a glimpse of every aspect of life in the city.

Visited Nashik but, not tried the famous Salim Chai? Well! That is something that you cannot miss to add to the awesome combination of pleasant weather and those sips of tea with your loved ones! Add more romance, more excitement and more love to your lives on your holiday!

If ancient architecture is something that appeals to you a lot, then why not sparing some time to explore some of the ancient monuments and architecture in the city? Drive to Tapovan and Panchawati area and discover the ancient side of Nashik. Discover the Ghat of Ramkund where the shahi snan that is held here during the world’s largest gathering, Kumbh Mela, takes place.

Now that you have explored major attractions of the city that includes a long drive through the city, how about staying in one of the luxury resorts in Nashik? Yes! Stay at E & G Green Valley Spa Resort to experience magic and rejoice the nature’s beauty at its pristine location. You stay at this resort will surely sum up your entire holidaying experience to a memorable and an awesome one!

So, did you have these on your To-do list of your planned trip to Nashik? If not, add them right away because a rich, memorable and awesome holiday experience is what you deserve to take back when you take out time from your busy schedule for the holiday. 

Monday, 14 September 2015

Experience a Luxurious Weekend In Nashik. Experience Magic.

Weekends and holidays are all about special moments and a great experience. At E & G Green Valley Spa Resort, we value your aspirations with which you begin to plan your holiday and that keeps us motivated to provide excellent facilities and amenities to our guests who plan their holidays at E & G Green Valley Spa Resort.

If you were to plan a weekend in this ongoing monsoon, would you prefer to spend it at a luxurious resort or a place with exotic environs all around? Be whatever your choice, E & G Green Valley Spa Resort has the best of both worlds!

E & G Green Valley Resort is located in the pristine location of Nashik amid the serene greens of the city that not only cheers up and refreshes your mood as you reach the place, but, also cheers up your soul with its relaxing, rejuvenating and refreshing ambience that surrounds you with the magic of nature’s beauty all around!

If you believe magic is all about tricks, amusement and surprises, then you must explore what more you can call as magic and experience every aspect of it. E & G Green Valley Spa Resort provides an enriching experience that you would love to frame for life! The enticing interiors, lavish amenities, fabulous features and a memorable experience are the key takeaways from E & G Green Valley Spa Resort.

Not to forget the scintillating aroma of delicious dishes served at the turmeric restaurant at E & G Green Valley Spa Resort! It’s buttery, creamy, flaky and crunchy flavors are a sure delight you can just not miss!

So, this monsoon, let your holiday memories speak about your young minds and young souls, because you are never too old to go on a holiday! Come to E & G, Experience Magic! 

Saturday, 5 September 2015

10 Reasons to go on a Holiday at E & G Resorts

Holidays are fun! Right from the beginning of planning for a holiday till the end of the last minute spent with your loved ones just before you reach home. We all know that the sole purpose of going on a holiday is to let loose and relax. So why just limit yourself to the fabulous location? Why not extend to the pampering  spa, the exotic pools and a lot more? 

So, here are 10 reasons to spend your holiday in Nashik:
  1. Step out of your comfort zone: holidaying can be fun if you step out of your comfort zone to do something that excites you and add more thrill to your experience on a holiday!

  2. Spice up the connection between you and your partner: if you feel spending a weekend with your partner in your own home is too mainstream, please your partner with an outing over a weekend at a luxury resort in an exotic location and some spice in your life.

  3. Privacy matters: Spend quality time with your partner at a resort on a holiday at a resort where there is no disturbance and you can enjoy each other’s company and the special moments together! 

  4. Spa Services: what better could be than a relaxing, pleasant and comforting spa treatment like a Swedish massage or a hot stone massage? Spa services will  make your stay a memorable one due to their mesmerizing aromatic ambience and treatments. 

  5. Location is the key: Spending the best  days of your life in a resort at a location like Nashik which is popular for its pleasant and exotic environs and landscapes is the key to create lovely memories for life.

  6. All in One: Holidaying at a resort that has everything you would have ever thought is no less than an icing on the cake! Be it a corporate meeting or a family outing or a relaxing weekend escape from the city life for rejuvenation, you get to have it all in one place.

  7. Building Connections: Many places can give you the opportunity to meet people, but spending time and getting to know in person is something you can do only during your stay in a resort! One of the reasons why people who love meeting new people love visiting resorts!

  8. Party like a king: If you are a party animal and you love partying with family and friends, then partying in a resort can be the best of all times! 

  9. Family friendly: resorts are family friendly and ensure multiple engaging activities are organized for fun and entertainment of all family members. So add some fun to your family life and plan a holiday at a resort!

  10. Close to nature: if you love being close to nature and spending peaceful time, resorts are your ideal destinations! 

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