Friday, 31 July 2015

Do you have it in your plan?

Planning for a trip was never so easy as it is today! Just browse on the internet and you have all the offers and deals to choose from for your trip! But, where we face problems is in the process of planning for a trip!

In our previous post you came across the important pointers that you must keep in mind while you get set to explore your destination decided for the trip. That included the destination & duration, budgeting and special offers/Deals.  Today, we shall consider a few more important things that we must consider while we pack our bags for an exciting journey!

As you plan your trip, getting the bookings done beforehand will help you avoid the "no room" board at the last minute. Once you are set with schedule, place and budget, getting the bookings done is the next step! For a budget travelling compare the prices and book your stay. Do not forget to consider the feedbacks or customer reviews while browsing the options. Also, find out about the facilities of the resort or hotel you plan to stay in.
For example, at E & G Green Valley Resorts, you can get the refreshing spa treatment at the resort, experience a whole new ambience at the turmeric restaurant of the resort, etc.

Post booking, check out some of the best local sites to that you can visit during your trip. And believe us, there are numerous places to visit in Nashik!  You can just keep counting and the list goes on! Hence, plan your activities beforehand to avoid confusion later.

Do’s and Don’ts
Try to learn some basic facts about the city you are visiting as that will help you explore the location better. Knowing common slangs or commonly used words like excuse me, thank you, sorry, etc. in their language could be an added advantage.

Most of the times, we end up taking many unnecessary things along when we go on a trip! So, try to avoid taking things that do not belong to your “must haves” list. Always travel light, but, ensure you carry all you would need.


Last, but not the least,  the most awaited part of the travel planning! The trip itself!  Yes! After putting in so much of effort in planning, you surely do not want to spoil your trip! So make the best of the time you have on your trip and enjoy!

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Travel Planning made easy!

Planning a trip but confused where to start from?

Do you remember your last trip? How wonderful it was? Well, where are you planning to travel this time?

Not yet decided?

What is on your mind? Goa, Mumbai or Jammu Kashmir? Well! According to our experts who love travelling, exploring and enjoying the weather of different locations in India suggest that visiting Nashik,  the Wine Capital of India during monsoons is the best choice for a trip!
Here are a few points to remember for travel planning while you plan to explore this beautiful, lush green city blessed with pleasant weather surrounded by lofty mountains defining the scenic beauty of the city.

Destination and Duration
The first step in travel planning is to finalize your destination.  Selecting a place to go is very important as it gives you a definite goal. This ensures pre-defined location so that you can proceed with later planning after this. (However, we suggest Nashik is the ideal destination to be.) Once you have decided the place, you must decide the number of days you want to spend at that location and also the duration of the journey.

Defining the budget you want to spend on this trip can help you choose the right city for the trip. Budgeting involves the decisions like whether you want to travel like a backpacker or you wish to spend your time at a luxury resort. You must also keep in mind the expenses that will occur during travelling and accordingly you need to research about how much trains,flights, hotels, restaurants and other attractions will cost you. This will give you an estimation of the overall expense of the trip that you need to fit into your budget.

Special Offers/Deals
You could also look for special offers that provide you the travel package that fits your budget, which includes expenses of travel and stay. Also, try to find resorts or hotels that are offering you  with good discounts. So if your budget is a little less, you can try to plan your trip during the weekdays to avail such discounts on your stay.

Stay tuned for some more pointers to make your travel planning easy! 

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Monday, 13 July 2015

What’s raining this monsoon?

“Looking up the dark silver skies,
I hear noisy breeze crawling,
Wrapping up my senses
As I watch raindrops falling.”

That, my dear friend, is the beauty of the monsoons! Imagine how beautiful that sight would be, sitting beside a pool under the naked night sky, watching stars as drizzle drops fall off the sky.  Believe it or not, that moment is something you will cherish for a lifetime. And with friends & family added, the night becomes more memorable!

These are the moments that are pouring this monsoon at E & G Green Valley Resort!

Would you miss the exciting and exotic holiday at a resort situated amidst an amazing, pleasantly happening and picturesque location?

Surely not! What better could you do this monsoon other than a refreshing 2.5 hour drive, off your urban Mumbai location, to a resort with lush green, wide landscaped environs? You can just not think of anything better! If you wish to escape into a fabulous refreshing weekend getaway, the Green Valley Spa resort is the perfect place for you!

“The last time I remember driving in drizzles in monsoon for a long 2.5 hour journey, was way back in the year 2003. It was different back then. But, the journey from Mumbai to this beautiful Green Valley Resort  in Nashik was a memorable one! Not only because of the amazing drive from my home in Mumbai to Nashik in the first rain of monsoon in 2014, but the relaxing, refreshing and exotic time I spent at this resort. I can still not forget how much me and my friends had enjoyed our stay here! This resort stays my best weekend getaway till today!” says Mr. Deshmukh.

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