Tuesday, 27 October 2015

“To feel good all you need is a company, a company of peace.”

We witness each day how people from diverse parts of the state and across the nation visit us for different purposes. However, recently we came across a feedback from one of our visitors who seem to be extremely happy to have spent her time at the E & G Green Valley Spa Resorts.

So, we thought why not let our dear readers read what she had to share with us!

Here is what  she had to say about her experience at the E & G Green Valley Spa Resorts!

“In each of our lives, there comes a time when not everything is going smooth or as we wished things would take place and this is the time when the most chaotic series of events take place in our lives, some caused due to the demand of the situation itself while some our anger adds to the whole scenario. Such is the time when all you need is the peace of mind that seems to be miles away from where your mindset exists at that time.

I too came across this point in my life recently. It was a tough time to deal with. Like anybody else, I too, was very uncomfortable and worried at the same time and just wanted to escape into some place where I didn’t know anyone and nobody knew me.

So, what did I do?

I just stopped! Everything that was happening around me, I stopped thinking about anything but, a place to be by myself! All alone at peace!  Then, I came across the E & G Green Valley Spa Resorts in Nashik. If you think I decided visiting this place at first , then you are mistaken. I went on to search for more resorts, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get a room there. Being the monsoons running, it is indeed difficult to find room in a city like Nashik that attracts thousands of tourists and visitors due to its pleasant climate and scenic beauty.

So, I had to come back to the option of E & G Green Valley Spa Resorts. Thankfully, after speaking to their customer services executive I could manage to book a room for myself. So, now I just had to pack my bags and leave my place ASAP. I did it.

Now, I was at my destination!”

Well! Her journey did not end here! But, don’t be disappointed, Stay tuned to know more!