Monday, 29 December 2014

Things in Nashik that you did not know existed

The city Nashik, the fourth largest city of Maharashtra is just about 4-5 hours drive away from Pune, whereas the Mumbai is just about 3-4 hours drive away. Moreover, the city is well connected by road and rail networks that connect the city to all major cities in the country. The city is indeed also considered to be the golden triangle in Maharashtra. The picturesque surroundings, climate and tourism is indeed popular across the globe. The city is also known as the export hub for green product export like tomatoes, Onions and other vegetables to other parts of the world.

E&G Green Valley Spa Resort - Nashik

The city has also been the abode of Lord Rama during his 14 years in exile. The holy river Godavari originates near Trimbakeshwar near Nashik, Maharashtra. The Godavari River is considered to be the second longest river in India after the river Ganga as it flows for 1,465 kilometres via the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh before merging with the Bay of Bengal. Some of the major tributaries of this river are Purna, Pravara, Indravati, Manjira River, Bindusara River, Sabari River, Wainganga, and Wardha River. Some of the important timelines covering last three centuries  in Nashik’s history are –

  • 1615: The City was captured by Moguls(Kaustubh Shimpi) from Nijamshah Sultan
  • 1634: The City was recaptured by Shahaji Raje for his new state of Nijamshah Headquartered in Pemgiri near Sangamner
  • 1636: Shahaji Raje made Pact with Mogul Nashik again moved to Mogul rule
  • 1685: Aurangzeb Captured Nashik City during Sambhaji Maharaj's rule
  • 1695: City was raided by Santaji followed by Temporary Maratha Rule
  • 1719: Officially Shahu got right to collect "Chauthai" of City from Moguls of Delhi
  • 1725: The city frequently camped by Marathas who heading to Malwa, Gujrat for campaigns
  • 1734: The 'Gulshanabad' city was given name 'NASHIK'
  • 1862: Nashik Road railway station was built
  • 1864: Nashik Municipality formed
  • 1869: Nashik district formed

The E&G Resort in Nashik features a luxury spa that indeed gives you a feel of Maharaja’s who ruled the soil. The resort is indeed a great retreat location that offers you much needed solitude and relaxation from your busy schedule.    

Monday, 22 December 2014

E & G Green Valley Spa Resort - A perfect retreat location in Nashik

Nashik offers one of the best weekend retreat location that is just a couple of hours away from the noisy and polluted Mumbai city. There are many resorts and accommodation options in Nashik, but none of them manage to come even slightly closer to the amenities provided by E & G Green Valley Spa Resort. Be it a family holiday or an official meet, the resort caters to every need. The resort is strategically located giving you opportunity to experience nature at its best. During your stay here, you also get a chance to taste some of the best quality wine from vineyards located just minutes away from your stay.

E&G Spa Resorts - Nashik
Some of amenities that are worth looking out for at Green Valley Spa Resort in Nashik are:

  1. Conference Hall – The facility offers a seating capacity of about 60 persons that is ideal for team meetings as well as personal family functions. For effective addressing of crowd the conference hall gets all the required technical equipments like projector, speakers and mike.
  2. Refreshing and rejuvenating Spa – The Atulyam Spa in E & G Green Valley Spa Resort offers facilities like Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone massage, Thai massage, hot bamboo massage, foot massage and head massage.  Visitors can also avail Spa packages for Single person, Couple and also children.
  3. Swimming pool and Rain Dance – Oxygenated swimming pool with perfect design indeed shall lure you for a swim for hours on end. The specially treated water does not affect your skin post a nice swim session. Moreover, you can breathe life into your parties with the rain dance facility in the resort
  4. World-Class dining facility – The resort serves food in the comfort of your room and also gives you an opportunity to treat your taste buds seated in the lap of nature.
  5. Other facilities – Apart from this, the resort also provides 24X7 Hot water supplies in rooms, rest room for drivers, morning walk and river side expedition and children’s activity center in landscaped gardens.

Booking tickets to Nashik is just a click away

Busy life schedules often bring out the bad side in us. This bad side not just affects us but also affects our dear ones to a great extent. Kill the bad side and bring out the good in you by heading out to a peaceful retreat location like Nashik that is just a couple of hours drive away from Mumbai as well as Pune. Nashik attraction places are in plenty and you may not spend a single day wondering on which place to visit for that day or next. Planning a holiday has also become easy owing to internet booking option provided by many tour portals in the country.
E&G Resorts Nashik
The Green Valley Spa Resort located in Triambakeshwar Hills at Talwade in Nashik offers a complete escape into nature's bed. The resort offers Studios and Country Villas that are one a kind and has never been seen before. The place offers - 13 luxurious studio apartments measuring about 450 sq. Ft, trekking and mountaineering options, 1200 sq. ft. 8 spacious Villas, Scenic view, Rejuvenating Spa and much more places of interest. To bring you closer to nature, the place is powered by Solar energy saving options that is helpful to run everyday equipments. Moreover, the group provides resort online booking option that is just a click away for your convenience. Reportedly, Divya Marathi Newspaper has honored E&G Green Valley Spa Resort as the best Eco Friendly Project of the year 2012.    

Some of the benefits you can enjoy with online booking systems are:
·Its time saving and can be done without you having to physically move around to various agents.
·Online portals offer lucrative deals, discounts and additional perks while booking via them.
·You get an opportunity to analyze and compare multiple deals.
·You also get an option to explore other options in the region and choose resorts based on who-provides-what at the location.
·You can avail further discount offers using special coupons and opting for pre-payment options.
Bookings are not just restricted to hotels, you can also opt for a complete package that includes travel, stay and food at a best price.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Head out to Nashik for a perfect weekend retreat

E & G Spa Resorts - Nashik
As weekend nears, most of us wonder, what now? Heading out to Nashik, a popular town in Maharashtra is not such a bad idea. Nashik is situated just about a couple of hours drive away from Mumbai city. With internet moving into every household online resort booking is no more a hassle. The online search option is also a good option to look for places near Nashik for weekend retreat. E&G resort offers solitude for complete relaxation post a tiring visit to places near Nashik for weekend.

Some of the places that you should not miss during your visit are:

1. Bhandardara: The place is located about 70 km away from Nashik. It is indeed a small and peaceful hill station that is a popular choice among picnickers. Some of the places to see here are - Amritheshwar Temple, Radha Falls, large and splendid Arthur Lake, historically important Ratangadh Fort, Agasti Rishi Ashram, and Bhandardara Dam which is also known as Wilson Dam. For trek lovers, you may visit Mount Kalusubai. During monsoon the overflowing water makes the Umbrella Falls that is worth a watch.

2. Nandur Madhameshwar Bird Sanctuary: The place is a visual treat for nature lovers in the country. The Nandur Madhameshwar Bird Sanctuary houses about 400 species of vegetation, 24 species of fish, 220 species of birds, and several smaller mammals. Spread over 10000 hectares of protected area, the main sanctuary lies the core area of about 1765 hectares. The International Union of Conservation of Nature now also the place as an important waterfowl habitats in the region.

3. Dudhasagar Waterfalls: The place is situated in Someshwar and is frequented by youngsters. The view here is considered to be one of the best in Nashik and the view is just mesmerizing. The waterfall here measures about 10m in length. The place earns its name as Dudhsagar waterfall as the water appears to be milky white.
Travelling to Nashik is not a problem and the place is easily accessible via road and rail transport. Beautiful climate and amazing sceneries is sure to blow your worries away.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Had a busy week, some weekend retreat locations you may consider around Mumbai

Actual Site Image - EandG Resorts
The city of Mumbai, better known as the financial capital of India and Bollywood limelight often attracts a large number of individuals from remote towns and villages within the state as well as from other states who land up here looking for better job prospects. Things only seem to get a little uncomfortable when the small city has over 18.4 million populations in the city, whereas the metropolitan area population is stated to be over 20.7 Million. These mindboggling numbers has indeed placed the Mumbai city in ranks as the 5th most populous city in the world. Busy life, competition, stress, etc. is a routine for a localite. The following list features ideal option as Mumbai weekend getaway location:

1.Sanjay Gandhi National Park – Located right in the middle of the city, the forest zone offers about 104 Sq. Kms of green space. The forest zone offers about 800 varieties of flowering plants, 150 species of butterfly, 36 species of mammals, 284 types of birds, 5,000 types of insects and 50 kinds of reptiles. The National park also has about Kanheri Caves that is stated to be built around 2,400 years ago and has about 109 caves that has been used as viharas (monasteries) and Chaityas (temples) that were built by the Buddhist monks of the 2nd and 9th centuries         

2.Elephanta Caves – The caves situated on an island hill is stated to be located at about 10 kms away from Mumbai. Owing to magnificent sculptures and carvings, the caves have earned the UNESCO World Heritage site status for itself. Here visitors shall be greeted with a Hindu rock art as well as a Buddhist rock art. 

3.Beaches – The Mumbai city also known as an island city, is adorned with many popular beached like Juhu, Chowpatty and Gorai. Go out for a stroll with your folks or just sit on sand in solitude, the beaches give out a warm and joyful experience.

4.Amusement Parks - Got kids at home? Or you-yourself love amusement park rides?  The city has some popular ones like Water Kindgom, Essel world and some private ones like Shangrila and Tikuji ni-wadi resorts near the city.

Planning to move outside the city for holidays? Places like Alibaug, Matheran, Nashik and Mahableshwar prove to be ideal holiday destinations near Mumbai as they are located at just about a couple of hours drive away from the main city.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Popular holiday locations around Mumbai

Mumbaikars have been known to strive everyday to find some amount of quality time with their near and dear ones. The city offers good career prospects, but at the same restricts your personal time. Inside, the city you may find certain good weekend retreat spots like Amusement Parks, Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Elephanta Caves and beaches that tend to be crowded over the weekends. Take your time off with your folks and head out for a couple of days to retreat locations like:

E & G Resorts - Nashik

  • Alibaug – The silent and peaceful coastal town comes under Raigad's Municipal council. The place offers some of best beach resorts near Mumbai for weekend retreat. If you intend on traveling by road, you need to reach the place located about 108 kms away from Mumbai via NH-17. One can also reach the place via a ferry from Gateway of India to Mandwa or from Bhaucha Dhakka to Rewas. Some of the popualr beaches to visit in Alibaug are Kashid Beach, Korlai Beach, Kihim-Nagaon Beach, Akshi Beach and Varsoli Beach.
  • Matheran – Matheran is a popular hill station in Maharashtra that is also located in Raigad district. located on the Western Ghats range it has an elevation of about 800 meters (2,625 feet) above sea level. Matheran being a hill station offers some of the best resorts near Mumbai for weekend. Some of the important points to see here would be One Tree Hill Point, Hart Point, Monkey Point, Porcupine Point, Rambagh Point, and many more. Moreover, the place has about 38 designated look-out points that also includes the Panorama Point that provides a 360 degree view of the surrounding area.
  • Igatpuri – The place is indeed a small hill station town in Maharashtra that is located in Western Ghats of this state. The town is well connected by rail and road route. Moreover, travelers would not find much difficulty finding accommodation here as the place like the other two offers some of the best resorts near Mumbai for weekend trip. Some of the poplar places to see here would be Bhatsa River Valley, Camel Valley, Tringalwadi Fort, Amruteshwar Temple, Arthur Lake, Kalsubai Peak and Dhamma Giri Meditation Centre.  

With the presence of many online travel booking portals finding best deals on vacations at these places is no more a tough job. Most popular travel portals in an attempt to outwit its competitors sometimes come up with the best deals on vacations for your folks and you. 

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Nashik – One of the Best Holiday Destinations in India

Don’t look further if you are hunting for a good getaway in India - Nashik is the best holiday destination rather tourism destination to look for!

Nashik is one of the important cities placed in north western region of Maharashtra in India. It is at a distance of 171 kms from Mumbai and 210 kms from Pune, the two most prime cities in the State of Maharashtra. Nature tourism in Nashik is truly a freshening experience. Besides nature tourism, there are other tourist destinations for religious reasons, spiritual retreats, leisure properties, adventure spots and a lot more for enjoyment purposes. Some prime attractions of Nashik includes places like the Vihigaon falls, Trimbakeshwar temple, Sule vineyards, Bhandardara peak, Wilson dam, Nandur Madhmeshwar sanctuary, Shirdi and Saputara.

Once you have prepared your wish list of places to visit in Nashik, you may want to book a good accommodation for yourself and the group traveling along.The whole ambience, the layout of the hotel room and the location of the facilities can matter when you are on a vacation. E&G Green Valley Resort, located in the heart of Nashik is one of the best option to look out for. This is one of the best luxury resorts near Mumbai and Pune worth trying out for. E&G Green Valley is the valley of wellness, valley of great health, and valley of nurturing family bonds. Synonymous to nature’s extension on earth, E&G Green Valley Resort is a perfect family holiday destination where people of all age groups can relax and have fun. This resort has studio and villa apartments with state of art amenities like rejuvenating spa, conference hall, swimming pool, rain dance, children activity center, ample parking space, driver’s quarter, valley mart and landscaped gardens. This spa resort also has a multi cuisine restaurant that caters various type of delicious Indian, Chinese and Italian food.

You may compare multiple best deals on vacation in Nashik and opt for the best vacation package available. While there are plenty of best deals on vacations in Nashik, E&G Green Valley Resort also offers best all inclusive vacation packages. A small piece of advice that may help – Pre-planning your holiday tours could be wiser on your pockets and may also ease your last minute hassles.

So, if you are ready for a nearby getaway, E&G Green Valley is one of the best weekend resorts near Mumbai and Pune worth checking out for.

How Should You Finalize On Your Holiday Destination?

Are you eagerly waiting for a quick break from your routine life and hectic schedule? This is the right time to plan out an extended trip or at least a quick getaway for that matter. With ample amount of research on various holiday destinations of good interest and budget limitation along with variety of recommendations from friends and relatives, it’s a difficult task to finalize on a perfect holiday destination, whether it is in the metro cities of India like luxury resorts near Mumbai, adventure trips in Delhi or relaxation holidays in Nashik. To avoid the confusion, most of us settle down with opting for the best deals on vacations available in close proximity or famous but pricey destinations.

Answer these questions for yourself which will help you choose the right vacation destination for your family at the price that suits your pocket:
1) What is the family interest when it comes to choosing a holiday destination? Is it adventure, nature, just relaxation or something else?
2) Do you plan a holiday for a long or short period?
3) What is your convenience with short distance vs. long distance trips?
4) Your preference and availability for high season vs. low season trips?
5) How much can you spend for this holiday destination? (Travel, accommodation & facilities)

Now when you have your answers, there are various open options with best deals on vacations that you can easily book. Looking for early booking bonuses, some deals and offers will help save your holiday budget. E&G Green Valley, a luxury resort near Mumbai is one such good option that fits your family interest as well as your pocket. It is placed in the heart of Nasik, a 2.5 hour drive from Mumbai and near the banks of the river Godavari.

E&G Green Valley Spa Resort which is considered as nature’s extension on earth has studio and villa apartments with state of the art amenities like rejuvenating spa, swimming pool, conference hall, rain dance, river side expedition, children activity center, valley mart and landscaped gardens. Besides these quality amenities, this luxury resort near Mumbai offers amazingly delicious food at their multi cuisine restaurant named "Turmeric" that offers a variety of Indian, Chinese and Italian food. E&G Green Valley is a peaceful and tranquil place to be for a holiday destination if planned near Mumbai.
Thus, if you ever have the need to get in touch with your inner self, or capture a few moments of bliss with your family and save your pocket, choose and plan your holiday cautiously. Happy holiday planning!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

What One Should Look For While Selecting A Holiday Destination?

Today the hectic work life in India duped with stressful to and fro traveling demands a relaxing holiday. One must plan a weekend getaway or an extended trip to take a breather from daily routine life and rejuvenate oneself and their family. In Western India, some of the good to great holiday destinations are near Mumbai, Pune and other prime cities of Maharashtra like Nashik and Nagpur. Not only holiday destinations but holiday packages near Mumbai and Pune are also qualitatively good and priced lower.

Planning your holiday wisely is one of the best ways to ascertain that your destination fits your interest and budget in mind. As people’s interest differs, choosing the right holiday destination differs accordingly.

From the below listed, do you agree that one question is the answer of the other question and vice versa?
  • Which holiday destination strikes you if family fun is on your mind OR getting away from it all OR may be just relaxation?
  • What is the importance of having a resort as your holiday destination?
Yes, all luxury resorts offer you not only these quality benefits but a lot more than that. E&G Green Valley Spa Resort situated in the heart of Nasik city is one of the best luxury spa resorts in Maharashtra. E&G Green Valley is surrounded by serenity and peaceful locales. This luxury spa resort is the perfect holiday destination for citizens looking for a quick weekend getaway that offers the magic of nature with the much required comfort away from the hustle-bustle of the city. As compared to all the holiday packages in Mumbai, E&G Green Valley Spa Resort scores the top notch position while keeping budget in mind.

Satiate yourself with excellent amenities, leisure extravaganza, studio and villa apartments and recreational activities during your stay at this luxury spa resort in Nasik. Splendid comfort line at E&G Green Valley comprises of:
  • Rejuvenating Spa – Specialties include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, Thai massage, hot bamboo massage, foot massage, head massage
  • Multi-Cuisine Restaurant – Specialties include Indian, Chinese and Italian
  • Swimming Pool – Specialties include oxygenated pool with spacious patio
  • Conference Hall – Specialties include a 60 seater hall with highest degree of technical equipment
  • Others include –  rain dance, river side expedition, ample parking space, driver’s rest room, ac studio apartments, children activity center, valley mart, landscaped gardens
If you need peace and want to rejuvenate yourself, there is no better place to look for than E&G Green Valley Spa Resort!