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Things in Nashik that you did not know existed

The city Nashik, the fourth largest city of Maharashtra is just about 4-5 hours drive away from Pune, whereas the Mumbai is just about 3-4 hours drive away. Moreover, the city is well connected by road and rail networks that connect the city to all major cities in the country. The city is indeed also considered to be the golden triangle in Maharashtra. The picturesque surroundings, climate and tourism is indeed popular across the globe. The city is also known as the export hub for green product export like tomatoes, Onions and other vegetables to other parts of the world.

E&G Green Valley Spa Resort - Nashik

The city has also been the abode of Lord Rama during his 14 years in exile. The holy river Godavari originates near Trimbakeshwar near Nashik, Maharashtra. The Godavari River is considered to be the second longest river in India after the river Ganga as it flows for 1,465 kilometres via the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh before merging with the Bay of Bengal. Some of the major tributaries of this river are Purna, Pravara, Indravati, Manjira River, Bindusara River, Sabari River, Wainganga, and Wardha River. Some of the important timelines covering last three centuries  in Nashik’s history are –

  • 1615: The City was captured by Moguls(Kaustubh Shimpi) from Nijamshah Sultan
  • 1634: The City was recaptured by Shahaji Raje for his new state of Nijamshah Headquartered in Pemgiri near Sangamner
  • 1636: Shahaji Raje made Pact with Mogul Nashik again moved to Mogul rule
  • 1685: Aurangzeb Captured Nashik City during Sambhaji Maharaj's rule
  • 1695: City was raided by Santaji followed by Temporary Maratha Rule
  • 1719: Officially Shahu got right to collect "Chauthai" of City from Moguls of Delhi
  • 1725: The city frequently camped by Marathas who heading to Malwa, Gujrat for campaigns
  • 1734: The 'Gulshanabad' city was given name 'NASHIK'
  • 1862: Nashik Road railway station was built
  • 1864: Nashik Municipality formed
  • 1869: Nashik district formed

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