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Had a busy week, some weekend retreat locations you may consider around Mumbai

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The city of Mumbai, better known as the financial capital of India and Bollywood limelight often attracts a large number of individuals from remote towns and villages within the state as well as from other states who land up here looking for better job prospects. Things only seem to get a little uncomfortable when the small city has over 18.4 million populations in the city, whereas the metropolitan area population is stated to be over 20.7 Million. These mindboggling numbers has indeed placed the Mumbai city in ranks as the 5th most populous city in the world. Busy life, competition, stress, etc. is a routine for a localite. The following list features ideal option as Mumbai weekend getaway location:

1.Sanjay Gandhi National Park – Located right in the middle of the city, the forest zone offers about 104 Sq. Kms of green space. The forest zone offers about 800 varieties of flowering plants, 150 species of butterfly, 36 species of mammals, 284 types of birds, 5,000 types of insects and 50 kinds of reptiles. The National park also has about Kanheri Caves that is stated to be built around 2,400 years ago and has about 109 caves that has been used as viharas (monasteries) and Chaityas (temples) that were built by the Buddhist monks of the 2nd and 9th centuries         

2.Elephanta Caves – The caves situated on an island hill is stated to be located at about 10 kms away from Mumbai. Owing to magnificent sculptures and carvings, the caves have earned the UNESCO World Heritage site status for itself. Here visitors shall be greeted with a Hindu rock art as well as a Buddhist rock art. 

3.Beaches – The Mumbai city also known as an island city, is adorned with many popular beached like Juhu, Chowpatty and Gorai. Go out for a stroll with your folks or just sit on sand in solitude, the beaches give out a warm and joyful experience.

4.Amusement Parks - Got kids at home? Or you-yourself love amusement park rides?  The city has some popular ones like Water Kindgom, Essel world and some private ones like Shangrila and Tikuji ni-wadi resorts near the city.

Planning to move outside the city for holidays? Places like Alibaug, Matheran, Nashik and Mahableshwar prove to be ideal holiday destinations near Mumbai as they are located at just about a couple of hours drive away from the main city.

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