Thursday, 18 December 2014

Head out to Nashik for a perfect weekend retreat

E & G Spa Resorts - Nashik
As weekend nears, most of us wonder, what now? Heading out to Nashik, a popular town in Maharashtra is not such a bad idea. Nashik is situated just about a couple of hours drive away from Mumbai city. With internet moving into every household online resort booking is no more a hassle. The online search option is also a good option to look for places near Nashik for weekend retreat. E&G resort offers solitude for complete relaxation post a tiring visit to places near Nashik for weekend.

Some of the places that you should not miss during your visit are:

1. Bhandardara: The place is located about 70 km away from Nashik. It is indeed a small and peaceful hill station that is a popular choice among picnickers. Some of the places to see here are - Amritheshwar Temple, Radha Falls, large and splendid Arthur Lake, historically important Ratangadh Fort, Agasti Rishi Ashram, and Bhandardara Dam which is also known as Wilson Dam. For trek lovers, you may visit Mount Kalusubai. During monsoon the overflowing water makes the Umbrella Falls that is worth a watch.

2. Nandur Madhameshwar Bird Sanctuary: The place is a visual treat for nature lovers in the country. The Nandur Madhameshwar Bird Sanctuary houses about 400 species of vegetation, 24 species of fish, 220 species of birds, and several smaller mammals. Spread over 10000 hectares of protected area, the main sanctuary lies the core area of about 1765 hectares. The International Union of Conservation of Nature now also the place as an important waterfowl habitats in the region.

3. Dudhasagar Waterfalls: The place is situated in Someshwar and is frequented by youngsters. The view here is considered to be one of the best in Nashik and the view is just mesmerizing. The waterfall here measures about 10m in length. The place earns its name as Dudhsagar waterfall as the water appears to be milky white.
Travelling to Nashik is not a problem and the place is easily accessible via road and rail transport. Beautiful climate and amazing sceneries is sure to blow your worries away.

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