Monday, 13 July 2015

What’s raining this monsoon?

“Looking up the dark silver skies,
I hear noisy breeze crawling,
Wrapping up my senses
As I watch raindrops falling.”

That, my dear friend, is the beauty of the monsoons! Imagine how beautiful that sight would be, sitting beside a pool under the naked night sky, watching stars as drizzle drops fall off the sky.  Believe it or not, that moment is something you will cherish for a lifetime. And with friends & family added, the night becomes more memorable!

These are the moments that are pouring this monsoon at E & G Green Valley Resort!

Would you miss the exciting and exotic holiday at a resort situated amidst an amazing, pleasantly happening and picturesque location?

Surely not! What better could you do this monsoon other than a refreshing 2.5 hour drive, off your urban Mumbai location, to a resort with lush green, wide landscaped environs? You can just not think of anything better! If you wish to escape into a fabulous refreshing weekend getaway, the Green Valley Spa resort is the perfect place for you!

“The last time I remember driving in drizzles in monsoon for a long 2.5 hour journey, was way back in the year 2003. It was different back then. But, the journey from Mumbai to this beautiful Green Valley Resort  in Nashik was a memorable one! Not only because of the amazing drive from my home in Mumbai to Nashik in the first rain of monsoon in 2014, but the relaxing, refreshing and exotic time I spent at this resort. I can still not forget how much me and my friends had enjoyed our stay here! This resort stays my best weekend getaway till today!” says Mr. Deshmukh.

Don't wait visit E & G Green Valley Resort! Today !

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