Saturday, 5 September 2015

10 Reasons to go on a Holiday at E & G Resorts

Holidays are fun! Right from the beginning of planning for a holiday till the end of the last minute spent with your loved ones just before you reach home. We all know that the sole purpose of going on a holiday is to let loose and relax. So why just limit yourself to the fabulous location? Why not extend to the pampering  spa, the exotic pools and a lot more? 

So, here are 10 reasons to spend your holiday in Nashik:
  1. Step out of your comfort zone: holidaying can be fun if you step out of your comfort zone to do something that excites you and add more thrill to your experience on a holiday!

  2. Spice up the connection between you and your partner: if you feel spending a weekend with your partner in your own home is too mainstream, please your partner with an outing over a weekend at a luxury resort in an exotic location and some spice in your life.

  3. Privacy matters: Spend quality time with your partner at a resort on a holiday at a resort where there is no disturbance and you can enjoy each other’s company and the special moments together! 

  4. Spa Services: what better could be than a relaxing, pleasant and comforting spa treatment like a Swedish massage or a hot stone massage? Spa services will  make your stay a memorable one due to their mesmerizing aromatic ambience and treatments. 

  5. Location is the key: Spending the best  days of your life in a resort at a location like Nashik which is popular for its pleasant and exotic environs and landscapes is the key to create lovely memories for life.

  6. All in One: Holidaying at a resort that has everything you would have ever thought is no less than an icing on the cake! Be it a corporate meeting or a family outing or a relaxing weekend escape from the city life for rejuvenation, you get to have it all in one place.

  7. Building Connections: Many places can give you the opportunity to meet people, but spending time and getting to know in person is something you can do only during your stay in a resort! One of the reasons why people who love meeting new people love visiting resorts!

  8. Party like a king: If you are a party animal and you love partying with family and friends, then partying in a resort can be the best of all times! 

  9. Family friendly: resorts are family friendly and ensure multiple engaging activities are organized for fun and entertainment of all family members. So add some fun to your family life and plan a holiday at a resort!

  10. Close to nature: if you love being close to nature and spending peaceful time, resorts are your ideal destinations! 

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