Friday, 20 November 2015

A memorable trip is all you want..Here is how!

Trips are meant for a little space off the routine work you do. Or it may even be a series of eventful nights and days to enjoy to the fullest. A trip could have any purpose that relieves one from stress and promises enjoyment throughout. This can vary from an individual to another.

However, the common agenda that all the trips share is how to make the trip a memorable one.

So here is what you must keep in mind to make a trip memorable one:

  1. When it’s an all alone planned trip, you surely don’t need a source of entertainment, but, when it comes to a group or a gang of people all geared up to go for a trip, many things can fall off the plan due to the difference in the nature of each individual. Hence, ensure whatever is planned, it has active participation from all the members of the group.

  2. The entire group might have different options attached to the trip. So, before you begin, bring all the aspects of each individual to the table and discuss.

  3. Once discussed, find the suitable solution to them and motivate your group members to cheer up for the trip.

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  4. Initially, the motivation point is often high and maintaining it throughout turns out to be a tough task. Hence, plan interactive activities and games that involves participation from all not only after reaching the destination, but also while the journey is on!

  5. Include not only indoors activities, but also outdoor sessions for the light hearted moments all the members can enjoy during the trip.

  6. Explore the interests of all the members as the trips are all about what’s new you discover within you and around you! So, let the learning be a part of the trip.

  7. Ensure you are carrying entertaining games for the group like UNO cards or may even create new games that kill the boredom in seconds.

  8. Last but not the least, capture visuals and pictures, be funny, be free, spread smiles, let fun be unlimited and share your stories that inspire, motivate and encourage others to pick trips like your group! 


That is all a trip needs to be a memorable one. Plan one today with your family and friends!!!

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